Cast Changes

Ricky and Lucy

Ricky and Lucy used to live together in a little studio on the ground floor of our building, and they were great neighbors. We shared spare keys. They’d
visit us on a Sunday afternoon and end up staying for dinner. They’d cover gaps when our schedule didn’t meet evenly with the babysitter’s. They were like our family in Paris. We had some good times, with That Big Doll and all our courtyard brunches.

Unfortunately – I think for us most of all – they broke up.

She’s still got sass and style. He’s still jetting around the world. They’re just not doing it together. We miss hanging out with them as a couple, but it’s also a bit of a relief: if Ricky and Lucy are no longer the caricature Latino couple from I love Lucy, then De-facto and I don’t have to feel like Fred and Ethel.