Train Wreck

No one is prepared for how becoming a mother changes your life, but I was exceptionally stunned.

I love my beautiful daughters, but I don’t always love motherhood.

A lot of women feel this way but don’t talk about it. We lie to ourselves and to each other. We keep the dirty little secret. We’re only supposed to speak of the joys of motherhood, the rewards for our sacrifices. This was never easy for me. I told the truth – how I really felt – and (sotto voce) I think it frightened people.

So, you might notice a thread of sarcasm, from time to time, on this topic. I promise I’ll try not to whinge too much, but I won’t apologize for it. I do believe that the best mother is an honest one, and that my children will love me, ultimately, not for being perfect, but for being real.

Photo by Jerry Jaynes

Photo by Jerry Jaynes

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