Silent Sunday

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  • Nicki Cawood Says:

    Wow! I’ve heard of this and seen footage. I hope no-one was hurt / killed this year. You were definitely in the right place to take a picture.

  • sarahmumof3 Says:

    such an intresting photo!

  • Carolin Says:

    I’m a bit torn with this one. I don’t agree with the whole chasing animals through the streets thing but I have to admit it is an impressive scenario

  • Alexandra Says:

    How exciting to be able to observe this, great photo. 🙂

  • marinera Says:

    I’ve been reading “Eating animals” by J.S.Foer and I sort of became pro-corrida. At least there’s love (or passion?) respect, honour, tradition and a “look me straight in the eyes while I die, next to you, by your hand” tipo de filosofia, in the whole corrida experience. There is a relationship between the human being and the animal. Moving.

    • MDBlogs Says:

      That’s exactly it. A bullfight, when well fought, is beautiful and moving and the rapport between matador and bull is noble and respectful. It is something to see. The bullfight can be brutal to see. But nothing is more barbarian than how we treat the cattle that we are preparing to slaughter and eat…

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